Aqua Lawn Sprinkler Golf Course Irrigation

Golf Course Irrigation Services

Our unique position as a full service design and construction company allows us to perform every aspect of a new irrigation construction or renovation. You have one company to deal with and we are accountable for the entire project.


Our years of experience working in Canadian conditions gives us an advantage when designing and planning for a successful project. We provide a custom design unique to your site including documentation, drawings and construction cost estimates.


Our construction services include updating and repairs of existing systems and installation of new irrigation systems. We coordinate the project installation schedule and manage the install from beginning to end. We build the irrigation to system, and install the manufactured pump station that has been designed specifically for the course watering requirements as well as water features such as ponds and lakes. We use GPS Mapping to provide a detailed drawing of system component locations for future maintenance.


Aqua Lawn Sprinkler can evaluate your existing irrigation system with an irrigation audit that provides details of your system, ratings of its components and recommendations for repair or replacement. We can provide planning and budget estimates, scheduling and complete designs of all components of golf course irrigation systems. Having over 50 years of experience in the golf industry in Canada both in design and construction is what sets us apart.

Other Services:


Pump Stations

Lake / Pond Reservoirs

GPS Mapping